Xuetong Wang



The relaxed and chilled lifestyles in Chengdu are the most attractive fact of the city. This ongoing series of fast drawing is based on Xuetong’s everyday life in Chengdu and her observation of her favorite places such as local markets, museums and Sichuan Opera theaters.

Sweet Nothings

A series of character designs starting from simple shapes and funny faces, with a sense of bizarre but sweet.


2023 Summer
Malaysia Travel Book is a visual journey of Malaysia as seen through the traveler’s eyes of Xuetong. Each piece was created during a week-long trip around Malaysia in May 2023. A sketch book was carried everywhere with Xuetong, an invaluable tool as she worked quickly to capture the rapidly changing scene. From night markets to music festivals, from marine life to jungle animals. I drew in the local restaurants, on the balcony of the water chalet, and more often on the streets. These scenes have a relaxed and lively atmosphere with loose lines and colors, yet convey the immediacy of Xuetong’s impressions and feelings.

Dancing with Flowers

2023 Spring
Inspired by the famouse painting “The Dance”by Henry Matisse .

Songjiang InCity Plaza

2023 Summer
Songjiang InCity Plaza phase II ,another utra-large shopping mall, will be built in Shanghai.With “A Giant Step to the Trend” as the theme, 5 large hordings illustrated and designed by Xuetong. Each illustrated hording is focusing on one lifestyle scene related to the commercial sectors of Songjiang InCity Plaza.